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    singing in that dress for Pres kennedy at MSG  wow wow wow




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    Madison Square Garden, May 19th, 1962.  Marilyn Monroe

    sang "Happy Birthday Mr. President" to John F. Kennedy. 

    She was wearing a nude colored scandal designed by Jean Luis. 

    Bob Mackie illustrated the design




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    Marilyn Monroe wearing Jean Louis 2500 rhinestone gown,

    that she wore when she famously sung ‘Happy Birthday…Mr President’

    to JFK at Madison Square Garden, May 29th 1962.







    Colorized Happy Birthday Mr. President Madison Square Garden 1962 I colorized this photo and hope you all like!











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     - THE "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT" DRESS  A full length evening

    sheath dress of flesh-colored soufflé gauze encrusted with graduated rhinestones

    embroidered in a rosette motif. 

    Worn by Marilyn Monroe at the famous birthday tribute

    to President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden where

    Marilyn sang "Happy Birthday Mr. President" on May 19. 1962.




    My Colorized Live Perfomance Madison Square Garden 1962 I have always loved the way she looked when she performed at Madison Square Garden in 1962!






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    JFK at the Garden  Marilyn Monroe Sings 'Happy Birthday' t

    o JFK, May 19, 1962: A Photographer Remembers - LIFE





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    The dress worn by Marilyn Monroe at the New York Birthday Salute to President Kennedy.    

    Source: Christie's Auction House   October 1999 
















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